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About Niswonger Children’s Hospital

From Niswonger Children’s CEO

Outside the walls of our hospital

We continue to be committed to the quality of care we provide the children and teens across the 29 counties that we serve. It is our goal that each patient is treated on an individual basis, based on their unique needs. We are here to help them tell their story.

As the sole children’s hospital in the region, Niswonger Children’s Hospital is passionate about the health of the pediatric population in our community. We are proud to be able to offer unrivaled healthcare services to our children and teens close to home. I hope the following pages will give you better insight into the services and specialties offered by our highly trained team.

My passion for children’s health care began with the birth of my own NICU baby in 2001. I know firsthand the roller coaster that comes with an unexpected outcome at birth. Helping families and children navigate the complexity of healthcare and the stress of hospitalization continues to be my driving force. I know how it feels to hand your child — your most precious gift — over to strangers for care. I understand the anxiety and stress that a sick child can bring, so my desire to ease that burden on families stems directly from my story.

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support of Niswonger Children’s Hospital, our programs, physicians, team members and patients. Without our dedicated team members and generous surrounding community, this excellence would not be possible.

We will continue to look outside the walls of our hospital for new opportunities to impact the lives of children. We will also continue to take a proactive approach to healthcare so that children thrive within this region. Together, we look forward to positively impacting the health and lives of our region’s children and teens.

With warmest regards,

Lisa Carter, CEO
Niswonger Children’s Hospital

Niswonger Children’s Hospital by the numbers

We serve a population of more than 200,000 children of all ages in a 29-county service area.

We depend on our corporate partners and are very grateful for the large part they play in creating miracles every day in the lives of our patients.

Please consider becoming a partner and experience for yourself the benefits of giving.

2017 Niswonger Children’s Hospital Annual Report

Or download the 2017 annual report PDF.

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