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Kids needs are unique… Their doctors should be too.

Golfers need different clubs for different strokes, just like kids need the different specialty services for different health issues that concern them.

More than 20 pediatric specialties

Niswonger Children’s Hospital offers more a comprehensive range of specialty services to treat kids’ unique health needs, including:

Adolescent gynecology

We understand that young women have unique health care needs.

Adolescent medicine

Our team provides primary care and specialized care for tweens, teens and young adults. We offer specialized services and a wellness approach to preventative medicine.

Allergy and immunology

Our mission is to provide top-notch clinical services in pediatric allergy and immunology care.


We offer pediatric cardiac care for newborns, children and young adults who have heart conditions.

Child abuse pediatrics

Our team employs an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to minimize the impact of child abuse and neglect on children of all ages in our community.

Children’s Resource Center

The Children’s Resource Center serves as a hub for outreach, advocacy, education and support for children and their families in our communities.

Critical Care

Critical care helps people with life-threatening injuries and illnesses, such as complications from surgery, accidents and other severe trauma, infections, heart attacks and severe breathing problems.


Our pediatric dentistry team at Niswonger Children’s Hospital cares for children, adolescents, teens and people with special health care needs.


We provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for infants, children and adolescents with skin disorders.

Emergency medicine

The Niswonger Children’s Hospital ER is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to pediatric patient, and is the only pediatric-specific, 24-hour emergency department in the region.


The Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes team provides care for children with hormone and gland problems.


Niswonger Children’s Hospital offers evaluation and treatment for children with gastroenterology and nutritional problems involving the digestive system or liver.


A hospitalist is a physician whose primary responsibility is to coordinate your care while you are in the hospital.

Infectious disease

Niswonger Children’s Hospital provides care for children and adolescents with a variety of infections.


The Niswonger Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a top facility in Tennessee, treating about 500 babies a year.


Niswonger Children’s Hospital specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of children with a variety of acute and chronic kidney-related disorders.


Niswonger Children’s Hospital specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of children with a variety of neurologic conditions.

Niswonger Children’s therapy

The Niswonger Pediatric Therapy Services department is comprised of physical, occupational and speech-language pathologists.

Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic at Niswonger Children’s Hospital

Whether children suffer a sports injury or from a more complicated deficiency or abnormality, Niswonger Children’s Hospital offers specialized treatments tailored to each child’s specific need.


Our Niswonger Children’s Hospital perinatology specialists provide care for pregnant women and their fetuses.


Our pediatric pharmacology team provides individualized drug therapy and treatment regimens, including inpatient services and drug monitoring services.


Niswonger Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive treatment of congenital, inherited and acquired disorders of the lungs and respiratory system.

Radiation oncology

Niswonger Children’s Hospital and the St. Jude’s Affiliate Clinic are served by a long association with Dr. Nathan Floyd and Dr. Colvett.

St. Jude Tri-Cities Affiliate Clinic

All pediatric hematology and oncology care at Niswonger Children’s Hospital is provided through the St. Jude Tri-Cities Affiliate Clinic, located within the hospital.


Niswonger Children’s Hospital provides general and specialized surgery services to infants, children and adolescents and young adults.